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WHO IS Louisville Business Networking?

Purpose and overview:
The goal of Louisville Business Networking, LLC is to enhance the growth of member's businesses by providing a resource for business referrals, a forum for discussing small business issues and training to help small business owners become more successful in sales and networking. 

A Simple Concept:
A study by said that
92% of the time, people prefer to be referred to quality business people. A fantastic 78% of the time, they use the person or business that was referred. When your referral group has a little time to get to know you, like you, and trust you, they'll want to pass business to you. 

Referrals The Key to Success:
The primary purpose of Louisville Business Networking, LLC is to help its member businesses grow. We accomplish this by creating a referral network in which members pass referrals to each other, creating an additional sales force for each member business.  

Are they quality referrals?
Though it is entirely up to each member to define what they consider good referral, Louisville Business Networking, LLC believes that a quality referral is one in which the referrer has spoken to the individual about the member business and has received a definitive "
I'm interested" from the prospective buyer.

We Hold Weekly Meetings:
Members meet weekly to pass referrals, give short presentations about their businesses, and discuss business topics. At each meeting, there is a speaker, who presents his/her company in detail, a guest speaker from a local organization, or a discussion on business sales and marketing.  

A member has exclusive representation* of one product or service category to guarantee top of mind referrals. 

Interested members may attend two meetings for FREE before they are required to submit a membership application.  

Meeting Schedule:
Each Louisville Business Networking, LLC meeting starts with an introduction given by each member. Members use this time to share exciting news, updates or promotions happening within their company and learn about small business events happening throughout our community.

Each meeting a chosen member will have the opportunity to give a presentation to their chapter where they will go more in-depth about their business, products, and services, allowing us to get to know their specific specialties and find out more about how we can help them grow their business.

Members will be scheduled to be the Key Speaker to provide ample time to prepare their presentation.

We also have guest speakers from outside our chapters come to present business topics to our members to further enrich their business and sales and inform them of community events, politics and issues.


Why only one person from each profession?

  • Being industry exclusive makes sure that each person gets the maximum benefit from their membership. 

Why weekly meetings?

  • Because attending the meeting is an integral part of your sales strategy. You need to get to know your fellow members to learn what types of referrals best benefit them. Prospecting for sales is a continual process. Groups that only meet monthly can cause you to miss referrals and sales opportunities.

What happens at a meeting?

  • We have a lot of fun, but we also are serious about business, so we follow a structured meeting format that has been proven to get results. Our referral meetings are not overly long and meetings only last about an hour, usually during breakfast or lunch.

Can I be in another Networking organization?

  • We encourage you to join your local chamber of commerce, however joining other networking organizations like BNI or Goldstar can cause issues in who you can refer business to. It's the same as being in multiple Louisville Business Networking chapters -- who will you give the referral to?

Here is a sample Coffee Meeting schedule:

  • 8:15 AM: Open Networking (members gather, order their coffee/breakfast orders)
  • 8:30 AM: Welcome and Introduction
    • Marketing / Business Tip
    • Sales Manager Minutes
      • Each member and guest will have the opportunity to stand and deliver a short commercial about his/her business.
    • Member Speaker
      • One member will speak to present his/her company in greater detail, or a guest speaker will give a talk. 
    • Referrals, Announcements, Speaker Schedule
  • 9:00 - 9:15 AM: Meeting Adjourned

What's a Meeting like?

Sample Meeting Agenda:

8:15 AM: Open Networking 

8:30 AM: Welcome

  • Marketing Tip
  • Networking Tip
  • Sales Minutes
  • Speaker/Discussion
  • Announcements, 
  • Meeting Adjourned

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